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  • Attorneys Adam VanHo & Beth Judge Join Forces

    We are thrilled to announce Attorneys Adam M. VanHo and Beth A. Judge have joined forces to create a brand new Ohio law firm: Judge VanHo, LLC. With the unique combination of their skillsets, these two experienced attorneys are excited to help clients with a variety of criminal defense and family law cases throughout Akron, OH 7 the surrounding areas. Our new office location: 39 E Market St #402 ...
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  • Attorney VanHo Representing Client in Civil Litigation Case

    In an ongoing case, an Ohio woman named Fran M. was heartbroken when she discovered that both her wedding ring and a 25-year anniversary ring had been stolen. Initially, the woman believed the rings had been misplaced and searched everywhere for them. It soon became clear, however, that the rings had been stolen by the maid she had hired. A Question of Liability Fran quickly reported the theft to ...
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  • Attorney Adam VanHo on WKYC-3 (NBC / Cleveland)

    Attorney Adam VanHo appeared on WKYC (NBC-Cleveland) to discuss the spending of public funds on questionable purchases by local police and prosecutors. You can check out the article here on Channel 3's website .
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  • Happy Veteran's Day

    I want to wish all of our veteran's out there -- past and present -- a happy and safe Veteran's Day! On behalf of Americans everywhere, I want to say "thank you" for your service to this great country.
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  • Attorney Adam VanHo on WFMJ Channel 21 (Youngstown)

    Attorney Adam VanHo recently appeared on WFMJ-21 (NBC Youngstown) to discuss recent legal issues in the news. Check out the piece here .
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  • Did You Know You Can Follow Attorney Adam VanHo On Facebook?

    Did you know you can follow Attorney Adam VanHo on Facebook? Check him out on Facebook by clicking on this link ! You can also find Attorney Adam VanHo trending on Facebook and Twitter by following the hashtag #VanHoLaw.
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  • Follow Attorney Adam VanHo On Twitter!

    Did you know you can follow Attorney Adam VanHo on Twitter? Follow him at @VanHoLaw ! You can also follow VanHoLaw as it trends on Twitter by following the hashtag #VanHoLaw.
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  • Assault in Ohio

    I often have people ask me 'what is an assault?' There are a lot of misconceptions about what constitutes an assault. Assault is defined in Ohio as the following: 2903.13 Assault (A) No person shall knowingly cause or attempt to cause physical hard to another or another's unborn. (B) No person shall recklessly cause serious physical harm to another or to another's unborn. The basic example of an ...
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  • Exciting News Coming Soon

    EXCITING NEWS COMING SOON! Exciting news will be coming soon from Attorney Adam VanHo! Stay tuned to for more information -- or follow Attorney Adam VanHo on Twitter at @VanHoLaw .
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  • 3 Reasons a Breathalyzer Test Could Be Wrong

    If you’re facing OVI charges, the most powerful piece of evidence against you is usually the results of a blood alcohol content test. While these tests are regarded as fairly accurate, there are many reasons why they may produce inaccurate or unreliable results. Breathalyzer tests, in particular, can be influenced by a variety of outside factors including health conditions, and the way the test ...
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  • Charges Dropped Against Akron Man

    An Ohio man who was accused of throwing his girlfriend out a moving car, has had his charges completely dropped. Donte P. was scheduled to attend a court hearing for accusations of felonious assault, disrupting public service, and menacing. However suspicions arose, in the weeks leading up to the hearing when Donte’s girlfriend, Lynette L. from Cleveland, changed her story numerous times. Donte’s ...
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  • Two Weeks: Two Big Cases In The Supreme Court

    The United States Supreme Court has been in the news this week for one decision and will be in the news next week for a case that could have huge consequences on American society and our legal system. First, in Rodriguez v. United States , the Supreme Court limited the ability of police officers to detain automobiles for the purposes of conducting searches with drug dogs. In a 6-3 decision ...
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  • Attorney Adam VanHo Will Be Heard During Today's Cavs-Celtics Game

    You can hear Attorney Adam VanHo tonight on WONE/WAKR during the Cavs-Celtics game. Tune in and listen! Click here to listen now.
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  • Bullies in the Courtroom. Not welcome and not effective.

    While in court the other day, I heard an attorney (who shall remain nameless) start arguing with just about everybody in the room. He argued with the prosecutor. He argued with the bailiff. He argued with the judge. He probably then went off and argued with his client. This attorney also has a reputation in the legal community for being very difficult to deal with, and even the mention of his name ...
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  • Victim Of Crime? You Have Rights Outside Of The Criminal Courtroom.

    Many victims of crime believe that their only way to obtain justice for a wrong done against them is through the criminal justice process. They often believe that once a person is placed on probation or sentenced to prison, they have no other avenues for which to seek justice. This is not necessarily true. Under Ohio and federal law, victims of crime can file a civil suit against the person who ...
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